House of Culture - Alvar Aalto 1955-1958

Yesterday we had the great chance to visit with some friends the House of Culture of the city of Helsinki. A friend of mine called the staff of the culture house to arrange a meeting so they would let us in and walk around the lobby and the theater for 2€.

For what I could see in this building, it looked like an experimental cultural space, where he played with several materials and developed different meeting areas in a messy way but absolutely controlled.

The outside amazed me. The bricks had to be done specifically to this project  as far as they had special shape for having this round cladding that nowadays we still enjoy.

As usual, Aalto used brick, steel and copper for the exterior. Creating dynamic volumes and fluid public spaces.

This might be interesting for some architecture students. I should say I always try to get this kind of information but is not so easy and takes quite long to do all these if anybody is interested in something particular don't doubt in contacting me and I'll gladly help you in your research. As I always say, the aim of this blog is to share information to make our experiences more comfortable, suitable and profitable.
Main floor plan

Cross Section
 As we were speaking during the visit, the indoor spaces are characterized by the use of white cladding, red floor and wooden details.

We've already seen the pillar in Lahti...
Wooden details

Round stage!

Super design. Everything under control
It was the most sunny Saturday we have had in Finland, so it was a must to have a beer in Kallio before going back to Otaniemi to keep on working as we did.

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